Forest and field hunting in the Burgundy region

The Burgundy region is an excellent hunting area, offering all types of terrain and game. The large woodlands and forest offer excellent wild boar and roe deer hunting. The plains near the large rivers offer good duck hunting and the crop fields have pheasant, partridge and quail.

As in many countries the hunting laws are now very strict and regulated. Different regions have different starting and ending dates for the season with quotas for the different species.

Generally the hunters are attached to a "Société", which is like a club, these clubs are within a village or commune and will hunt on their own lands. The national hunting federation will assist the club in deciding on quotas, but also to label certain species as endangered or pest. For example in my village for this year. The hunters were allowed 5 deer, but unlimited wild boar, as there is supposed to be too man, they also decided not to hunt hare, but also depopulate the fox numbers.

In the forest of Burgundy, the deer and wild boar hunts are quite impressive, and very well organized. I think I would be correct in saying that it is not possible to hunt alone within the forest. Generally, the hunt is prepared the night before, the dogs and trackers are split into groups, other hunters will be appointed 'post' that they will keep, as the dogs flush the game from the woods into the fields.

It is possible for you to join a local hunt with an invitation from a local hunter, if your interested send us an Email and we will put you in contact with local hunters who may be able to invite you on one of their hunts.