Cruise on board the Luciole

Cruise on board the Luciole

Cruise the canal onboard the Luciole

A floating adventure to savour, perfect for a private family charter, or groups of friends. There is also a choice of themed cruises such as the "Adventure Charter" or "Girls Getaway".

The barge has 8 cabins for a maximum of 12 passengers at any one time.

Cruising on the Canal de Nivernais from Clamecy to the historic city of Auxerre on the river Yonne. This barge is the most experienced and well-known luxury hotel barge on the French waterways, there is even a Wiki page about the barge.

Fine wines and cuisine are served on board this very spacious vessel. The large sundeck is perfect for relaxing and watching the beautiful landscape slowly pass by. Excursions to nearby historical sites with your English-speaking guide.

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