Cycling along the Burgundy canal

Cycling along the Burgundy canal

Cycling along the water’s edge with miles and miles of tow-path just for you.

Over the last few years, there has been a huge effort and much financing in the management and condition of the canal tow-path. The result is the “Velo-Route” and you can now cycle from one end of the canal to the other on a specially prepared route. You can also take crafted circuits to explore the surroundings, villages and places of historical interest.

The tow-path has been reconditioned to allow a very comfortable ride alongside the canal. You can pass the barges, lock houses and cross any roads in safety. There are miles of macadam which is also open to rollers and skaters. There is no road traffic on the path, there are signs indicating distances and what to visit. Perfect for all ages and levels of cyclists.

Burgundy cycling

Cycling for the serious

Cycling along the towpath

Cycling with friends

Burgundy bicycle track

Roller blades allowed

Bicycle vacations all ages

Cycling for all ages

Barging and bike holidays

If you like boats and bicycles why not combine both pleasures with a barge cruise?

Mix your passion for cycling and the vineyards and cruise along the canal with a Barge & Bike vacation.

The Burgundian region is ideal for cycling holidays. There are all types of terrain, low mountains, steep hills, soft undulating valleys and dales, long flat plains, the lowest altitude point is 200 metres above sea level and the highest point of 650 metres.

There are hundreds of kilometres of small country roads with the granite hills of the Morvan Regional Park and of course, the Veloroute which is a special track of more than 240 kilometres following the canal, other great cycling routes are very close at hand for example "La Route Des Grands Crus" taking you through the magnificent Burgundy vineyards.

Combine your cycling and boating desires with a self-drive rental boat or a luxury barge cruise on the majestic inland waterways.

A fun ride along the tow track

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