Elegant & bespoke hotel barge cruises

Elegant & bespoke hotel barge cruises

Canal boat  barge vacations are synonymous with luxury and relaxation

If you are planning a holiday at a hotel barge, this is your best starting point.
Check and compare all the rates, services, offers, and cruise itineraries. Receive the best advice from the experts.

The top luxury barge cruises in Burgundy

If you're not sure which barge is best suited for you. Ask us! Click here for expert barge advice

Check out the full list of all hotel barges cruising on the French canals and rivers with the latest special offers from Hotels Afloat Hotel Barging.

About the hotel barges on this site

We work very closely with the barge crews to ensure the hotel barges included on this site are of the highest standard. If you're going to charter the boat for a private cruise or wish to travel with others, then you can have confidence in our choice.

  • Quality of the cuisine and menus
  • Selection of wines
  • Cabin size and bathrooms
  • Crew skills
  • Cruise program and choice of route
  • Excursions and guided tours
  • Exterior comfort, sundeck 
  • The boat’s last refit
  • Choice of restaurants
  • and much more…


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