Ship-yards and dry-docks on the Burgundy Canal

Dry dock facility (cale sèche)

Atelier Fluvial

Tel 00 33 (0)3 80 27 03 00
Saint Usage 21170

Situated at the entrance to the Burgundy Canal & river Saône, beside lock 76. (The first lock on the canal when leaving the river). For boats and barges up to 40 metres (125 feet) long, and a keel depth of 2 metres (6 feet), beam 6 metres (18 feet). Very skilled in steel, welding and metalwork. Electro-mechanical installation & repair. Barge transformation, renovation and construction.

Chantier Fluvial de Migennes

Tel 00 33 (0)3 86 92 93 13
Gare d’eau
Route Charmony
89400 Migennes

Situated at the junction of the Yonne and Burgundy canal: 60-ton crane, storage ashore for 50+ boats of up to 40 tons, all types of repair and conversion work undertaken on all types of boats. Surveys for insurance, valuation, condition, or litigation are carried out on steel or glass-fibre boats anywhere in Europe. Access from Paris 1.25 hrs by train.

Breakdown & outboard engines


Tel: 00 33 (0)3 80 29 11 06
Saint Usage 21000

Situated at the entrance to the Burgundy Canal & river Saône beside lock 76.
Specialising in smaller boats, sailing boats & outboard motors.
Crane service is available to lift light boats ashore.
New and second had boats.
Barge shop selling various articles, VHF radio, flags, rope, gaffs etc.

Images of boat repairs on the canal.

Dry dock at Saint Jean de LosneTwo barges the in dry dock at Saint-Jean

worn propeller shaftWear and tear and debris

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