Châteauneuf en Auxois, the village

Châteauneuf en Auxois, the village

Map showing the village  Châteauneuf en Auxois

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Monument: The castle of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois

Nearest canal village: Vandenesse en Auxois

Nearest canal lock: 11 Saône

The medieval village of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois has a very long history... Situated on top of a hill overlooking the Auxois plains of "La Bourgogne" and nearby villages such as Vandenesse. There is always something interesting happening in the village, from concerts to market fairs to jousting horsemen. There are interesting country walks through the woods and over the hills which can take you to hidden ruins and grand panoramic views.

Near the main car park, there is a cross by a hollow oak tree, with an impressive view of the Auxois plain and the water dividing line, the Burgundy Canal from lock 12 to 8, you'll see at least three reservoirs and the Morvan hills far in the distance.

Restaurants & cafes

Auberge du Marronier

Enjoying the terrasse at the Auberge du Marronier

Châteauneuf is home to some excellent bars and restaurants, there are now five addresses to choose from. There will be something to match your taste buds and budget. The village is so small so the best idea is to walk around until you find a table that suits you. You can also make sure of your place and reserve in advance.

Where to eat in Châteauneuf-en-Auxois

L'Orée du Bois: 03 80 49 25 32

Le Bistrot des Près Verts: 03 62 02 21 21

Auberge du Marronier: 03 80 49 21 91

Le Grill du Castel: 03 80 49 26 82

La table de Guillaume: telephone 03 80 49 22 00

The Summer Market

Market at Chateauneuf


Throughout the summer there are markets with stands of local products, arts, crafts and of course food.

The Medieval Market

The medieval market is held the last weekend of July every two years.

An impressive and excellent festival for all the family, which is held every two years. The event takes months to organize and is accomplished by volunteers.

Medieval Market

Minstrels, juggling, fire eaters and dancers.


There is a jousting match with horses and armed knights at the foot of the castle.

Spit roast sheep, beers, wines, bread and cakes for the medieval banquet.

Market stands with handicrafts, jewellery, clothes and artwork.

Ladies in waiting


Basket weaver

Clog shoes

Falcons used for hunting

Trained owl

View of the castle on the hilltop overlooking the Auxois  plains

Country walks

There are some wonderful walks through the woods and hills, they are well signed posted and will take you deep into the countryside.

Jacques Blondeau, a famous Napoleonic general was born in the village.

Backstreets of the village

For more information please visit the sites below:

The castle of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois

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