Towns and villages along the canal

Towns and villages along the canal

Information and photos about all the towns and villages along the canal, with useful tips and advice for people cruising on a barge or exploring the countryside.

Towns and villages on the river Yonne side of the canal

Ancy le Franc 79 to 81 Discover Ancy le Franc
Ancy le Libre 84 to 87  
Brienon 112 to 111  
Buffon 68 to 69 Discover Buffon
Cry sur Armançon 72 to 74  
Eguilly 10 to 11  
Flogny la Chapelle 100 to 101  
Laroche Migennes 118 to 117 Discover Migennes
Marigny le Chouet 24 to 36  
Montbard 60 to 67 Discover Montbard
Pont Royal 13 to 16 Discover Pont Royal
Pouillenay 18 to 51 Discover Pouillenay
Pouilly en Auxois 1 to 8 Discover Pouilly
Ravieres 75 to 77  
Rougemont 72 to 70  
Saint Florentin 107 to 109 Discover Saint Florentin
Tanlay 88 to 92 Discover Tanlay
Tonnerre 94 to 97 Discover Tonnerre
Venarey Les Laumes 52 to 59 Discover Les Laumes
Villeneuve sous Charigny 23 to 15  

Towns and villages on the river Saône side of the canal

Asiery 71 to 72  
Barbirey-sur-Ouche 13 Discover Barbirey-sur-Ouche
Brazey en Plaine 73 to 74  
Creancey 1 to 1  
Crugey 15 to 17 Discover Crugey
Dijon 52 to 57 Discover Dijon
Escommes 1 to 5 Discover Escommes
Fleurey sur Ouche 40 to 43 Discover Fleurey
Gissey sur Ouche 32 to 33 Discover Gissey
La Bussière sur Ouche 24 to 27 Discover La Bussiere
Longecourt 69 to 71  
Longvic 68 to 69  
Ouges 61 to 62  
Plombieres Les Dijon 47 to 51 Discover Plombieres
Pont d'Ouche 19 to 21 Discover Pont d'Ouche
Pont de Pany 38 to 39 Discover Pont de Pany
Saint Jean de Losne 74 to 76 Discover Saint-Jean
Saint Victor sur Ouche 28 to 29 Discover Sainte-Victor-sur-Ouche
Sainte Marie sur Ouche 34 to 36 Discover Sainte-Marie
Sainte Sabine 13 Discover Sainte Sabine
Vandenesse en Auxois 6 to 12 Discover Vandenesse
Velars sur Ouche 43 to 46 Discover Velars-sur-Ouche
Veuvey sur Ouche 21 to 24 Discover Veuvey sur Ouche

Towns and villages in the surroundings

Auxerre Yonne Discover Auxerre
Barbiery sur Ouche Saône  
Beaune Saône Discover Beaune
Bligny sur Ouche Saône Discover Bligny
Chablis Yonne Discover Chablis
Chateauneuf en Auxois Saône Discover Chateauneuf
Chaudenay le Chateau Saône  
Colombier Saône  
Commarin Saône  
Fontenay Yonne  
Mâlain Saône Discover Malain
Mont Saint Jean Yonne  
Rouves en Plaine Saône  
Saint Thibault Yonne  
Saulieu Yonne  
Semur en Auxois Yonne  
Sombernon Saône  
Thomirey Saône  
Volnay Saône  

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