Crew jobs on barges in Burgundy

Crew jobs on barges in Burgundy

The Burgundy region has seasonal tourism from March to November, so there are many opportunities to find summer jobs for English and French-speaking people. You need to be a European citizen or have a valid working visa to be employed by a company.

Seasonal jobs can be found on the barges, in restaurants, hotels and many other domains, with work for hostesses to tour guides, bus drivers, barmen, deckhands or chefs.

To contact an offer or request, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page, we'll transmit your contact details to the respective party. (This helps respect privacy).

Companies and barges looking for crew

Please email us with any crew employment you have to offer for the 2023 season

People looking for jobs


Cabin staff


Bus driver

Tour guide

Hi, I'm looking to join a barge crew in France as a guide. I'm Anglo-French. 100% bilingual, Masters degree in History from a French university; clean driving licence; hard working; I do have some experience on barges and locks. I currently live near Dijon. Available as of now. Contact me via this website (quote TG2301).

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