The village of Mâlain

In the village of Mâlain, you can step back a few centuries

If you are on a self-drive boat or cruising on your own barge, whilst you are in Pont-de-Pany, moor up above lock 40 and take a bicycle ride the few miles to the village of Malain. The gallo-roman ruins are fascinating, you can walk along and through this archaeological excavation site. You'll see bronze foundries, shops, foundations, cobbled streets columns and much more.

Set on top of the hill above the village, is the impressive ruined chateau. The first parts of the chateau of the "Lords of Mâlain" date from 950 A.D. You can walk up to the ruins and see the impressive restoration work achieved by the local villagers.


Looking through a cannon hole in the wall of the ruins chateau of Malain south towards the River Ouche valley.

Chateau Malain The rebuilt entrance to the chateau
The staircase coming out of the dungeon. Chateau Malain staircase width=
Chateau Malain pigeon house Remains of the pigeon house at the bottom of the castle hill.
Arthurian landscapes during the winter. Chateau Malain
Chateau Malain staute A master sculpture gives life to stone with this impressive knight, who awaits you at the top of a stone staircase.
Cistercian influence is evident with these arches. Chateau Malain arches
Chateau Malain In the Gallo-roman ruins, this staircase leads into a temple.
A view of the Gallo-Roman ruins, protected by a roof is Burgundy's version of Pompeii. Gallo-Roman ruins

Fête des sorcières

The Festival of Witches, which is held every two years is a fun event celebrating lost legends of events which occurred in the village.

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